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Audio Engineer / Producer

Boston's premiere resource for audio services

Music Production, Sound for Visual Arts, Event Audio, Installations


Andrew works both independently and as a contractor for a variety of production companies. He co-founded Riverview Studios, where he has produced audio for many award-winning films and highly acclaimed music albums.


Andrew is the bassist and a founding member of Comanchero, Boston's favorite Americana jam band. The band has four albums of original music, for which Andrew has received various writing, recording, mixing and mastering credits. The band has performed internationally and has had songs licensed for film and TV.


Passion for all things audio has driven Andrew's work with musicians, movies and events of all sizes. Andrew's sound for film has captivated audiences worldwide. He has been sought out by world-class musicians for top-quality studio production. In the area of event production, his work with high-ranking government officials and corporate moguls has been as highly regarded as his concert work with award-winning musicians and international theatrical productions.

Andrew's newest studio facility in Boston's South Shore boasts top-notch equipment and professional acoustical treatment. The studio features hardware and software by Universal Audio and a well-equipped mic locker, a 1939 Baldwin grand piano and many other high-quality instruments, including an impressive percussion collection. He has various sound effect libraries and all the tools necessary to bring your project to fruition with excellence.


For live event sound, Andrew owns a digital mixer and a variety of powered speakers, microphones, stands and cabling, paired with a set of LED lights to enhance your event or performance. Additional equipment can be sourced upon request, including a high-power, high-end system for larger halls and outdoor concerts. Live multitrack or stereo recording services are available for those wishing to document the occasion.


Artists and producers alike have shared compliments like 'I've never heard such crystal clear sound!' and 'your mix made my song sound like a record!' and 'your sound design brought our picture to life!'. A genuinely friendly and laid-back presence in the creative space is always appreciated, and this is exactly what Andrew brings to the table. Balancing technical skills with real-world experience, a good vibe and the drive to help move a project from start to finish, Andrew is an asset to any team fortunate enough to have him on board.


Contact Andrew today to discuss your project!

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